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I want to help you promote yourself and the shows you direct....So I am asking your help with content for my class project: a website on directors of area community theatre. Because it's academic, I will be putting this together for you FREE OF CHARGE.

AUDIENCE: Prospective employers (theaters, schools, etc.), auditioners, and newcomers to the town wishing to make an informed decision about what/who to audition for.
DEADLINE: Open ended, but I'll need content by August 10or thereabouts, so I can present it in class on Monday, August 17.
PRIVACY: Any info received will go "live" as soon as I'm able. If you prefer to contribute only for "academic" purposes, let me know.
CONTENT: Some ideas to include are: your headshot or photo, theatre resume, photos of your productions (as actor or director), video clips, short bio, your philosophies on theatre, favorite shows, audition advice, etc.


  • How do you conduct auditions/callbacks? Do you provide sides/scenes prior so auditioners can prepare? Do you give direction to the auditioners?
  • What is the one thing you wish auditioners WOULD and would NOT do during an audition.
  • How do you handle "rejection" yourself and what advice would you give others (auditioners, prospective directors, etc.)?
  • During callbacks, how do you decide who to pair up in scenes?
  • What advice would you give auditioners who feel the need to analyze or second guess the order or pairings in a callback?
  • When directing, do you have a vision of the characterizations, blocking, etc., or do you let the actors take the lead and then shape them?
  • Tell me about your favorite show(s) to DIRECT, and why.
  • Tell me about your favorite show(s) to PERFORM, and why.
  • Any other words of wisdom you think auditioners or prospective employers might want to know?

Please send content to I'll do my best to add what I can!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help in this project! Please share this with any other theatre directors you might know in the Fort Wayne, IN, or North/NW Chicago Suburbs.

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