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By William Shakespeare
Directed by Thom Hofrichter

Performances: March 3-18, 2000


Othello: Shakespeare Made Easy
Text Online


Othello (Kate Black) is often referred to simply as 'the Moor" as he is non-white. He is serving as a general in the service of Venice. Through his respected positions, he was able to marry his love, Desdemona.

Desdemona (Angie Craft) comes to be Othello's wife. She is the daughter of Brabantio. She loves Othello and believes that he is truly good, even though society says that he is evil.

Iago (Nancy Kartholl) can be called 'the villain' of the play. He is the ensign to Othello. He degrades Othello behind his back and plots to frame him in order to better himself in society.

Emilia (Ranae Butler) Emilia is Iago's wife. She comforts and works with Desdemona throughout the play.

Roderigo (Deborah Christie) is Iago's side kick. He also embezzles jewels that he is supposed to pass on to Desdemona

Brabantio (Julia Goodall) is Desdemona's father. He is a Venetian Senator. He is extremely upset when he finds out that Desdemona marries a Moor.

Cassio (Anita Ross) is an honorable lieutenant, to Othello.

Lodovico (Cathy Christoff) is a noble Venetian and kinsman of Brabantio.

Gratiano (Madeline Smith) is a noble Venetian and brother of Brabantio.

Bianca (Kira Downey) Cassio's mistress and a courtesan

Montano (Virginia Ralph) is the Governor of Cyprus

Duke of Venice (Alicia Dicks)

Messenger (Ann Detwiler)

Herald (Molly Bock)

Senator 1 (Cathy Christoff)

Senator 2 (Madeline Smith)

Gentleman 1 (Eve Gorman)

Gentleman 2 (Elaine Dec)

Gentleman 3 (Kary Knepple)

Officer (Kirsten Ploetz)

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